Welcome Letter

Dear Candidate

Thank you for your interest in the post of Vice Principal, Finance and Professional Services.

Over the last two and half years, significant work has been done to secure the college’s long term sustainability. We have significantly changed our cost base and reversed the college’s declining financial health. As a consequence of the work we have done, we have secured satisfactory financial health, been able to conclude the Further Education Commissioner-led intervention process, and deliver a cash generating operation.

We will have restructured the college’s debt position by the time you join, improving our cash balances and cash flow in a significant way.

We have been successful in securing funds to support the development of our facilities for construction and engineering, with £4m and £9m being invested in each respectively. Our new curriculum plan also sees us investing in the order of £2m in plans to ensure its successful delivery.

There is significant loyalty to the college from staff, students, employers, stakeholders and our communities. We are now in a position in our recovery to engage with them even more proactively to meet their needs and grow the institution.

We have secured a Board which is committed to the city’s and the college’s success. They are able to provide effective guidance, challenge and connectivity to businesses in order that we succeed.

Like every college in England, we operate in a changing policy environment and we now seek a financial and professional services leader who is committed to, and passionate about, supporting our ongoing financial sustainability and in particular our growth.

We are seeking a senior professional who is capable of leading beyond the finance function, providing leadership across our information services, estates and infrastructure, and marketing and student services functions. We expect to find a leader who will collaborate with our Vice Principal for Curriculum and Quality, having shared ownership for our curriculum and product portfolio, investing leadership capability in ensuring its successful delivery. We also seek a leader who can role model effective leadership behaviours across our professional services functions, providing first class customer service for everyone. This will impact positively on the experience for our staff and students.

You will probably already be working within the further education sector, public or private, and you will fully appreciate the challenges colleges like ours face. You will have the professional credibility to operate as our Chief Financial Officer, the leadership capacity to lead beyond your function, and the personal resilience and tenacity to take us to the next level.

This is an exciting time to consider joining City of Bristol College, with all performance indicators for finance and quality heading in a positive direction.

We have retained FE Associates to support us with this crucial appointment and we encourage interested parties to have an initial meeting with our lead adviser, Matt Atkinson, in advance of the closing date. This can be arranged by Samantha.Bunn@fea.co.uk (01454 617707).

We look forward to receiving your application to join the team which secures the college’s future and delivers for the city we proudly serve.

Yours faithfully

Peter Rilett
Chair of the Board of Governors

Lee Probert
Principal and Chief Executive